Krinkle Krusher PS4-DUPLEX


Games/PS4 / Size: 567.07 MB

– D U P L E X –

Krinkle Krusher

Date      : 08-2020                   Languages: English + 5 Subs
Platform  : PS4 FW 6.72               Genre    : Casual

Release Info:

Krinkle Krusher is an action castle defense where you cast elemental spells
to defend your kingdom from twisted and hungry creatures called Krinkles.
After several generations of peace, they happen to come back exactly when
the Ancient Tree bears its first fruits in centuries, and of course a cake
was made from it.


Freeze, burn, and zap them all! Cast spells to defend your castle! Use the
power of fire wall, ice crown, mud, energy mine, thunder and tornado!
Upgrade and combine your spells to face the Krinkle horde and their bosses!


– Face more than 12 Krinkle types and 3 different bosses, each one with
unique abilities and weaknesses!

– Learn 6 powerful spells as you progress and upgrade them to full
devastating power!

– Battle in different environments that will change your strategy!

Cross Platform Features PS4 – PS Vita

Krinkle Krusher and its content is copyright of Ilusis Interactive

Release Notes:



Audio languages: English.

Subtitle languages: English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.


In order to play our rips you will need :

– a PS4 with Firmware 6.72

– a computer to run the PS4 Exploit Host :


– Unpack PS4 Exploit Host on your computer

– Configure your PS4 to use your computer’s IP as DNS servers

– Format your USB drive/key to exFAT

– Copy our .pkg file to the root of your USB drive/key

– Plug your USB drive/key to one of the USB ports of your PS4

– On your PS4, go to ’Settings’, ’User’s Guide’

– Start current HEN exploit

– Go to Debug Settings / Game / Package Installer

– Install our .pkg and start the game

– Enjoy !

Enjoy This Fine DUPLEX Release


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